• Cuando Pienses en Volver4:14
  • Mambo de Machahuay3:24
  • Enamorada de estar aqui.3:59
  • Carnavales de Cajamarca5:44
  • Aplausos para el Peru3:38
  • Carnaval Arequipe?o2:54
  • Poco a Poco2:32
  • Que Linda Flor4:07
  • Quisiera ser picaflor2:51
  • Cholo soy y no me compadezcas3:09
  • Ho lindo Peru2:48
  • Linda Wawita3:25
  • Las Flores de mi Bandera3:13
  • Lejos de ti6:03
  • Y se llama Peru3:11
  • Cuando pienses en volve4:17
  • Contigo Peru3:36
  • Limena3:03

Services & Support

Links and information to services provided by our Communities Association for our growing Community.

Fire Prevention Seminars    

​​Peruvian Consulate

Town Hall of Kearny NJ 

Town Hall of Harrison


Teachers Association

Mujeres Valientes


​ The Peruvian Civic Association of New Jersey Inc. is a Non Profit Organization.  Our main social mission is to assist and serve the Peruvian and Hispanic Community in general in the State of New Jersey and United States of America. We provide general civic education to our community; help to maintain the Peruvian and Hispanic traditions. 

Corporate Benefits:

Our events present an efficient platform to market your products to the growing Hispanic consumers’ base and reaffirm your ongoing 

commitment to the

Latin American Community

in New Jersey. 

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The members of the Peruvian Civic Association of New Jersey extend a cordial invitation to you, to join our fellowship and help us maintain the quality of life we enjoy by helping others from different walks of life. We are a dedicated group of enthusiasts with different backgrounds who feel that an involved citizenry is our best solution to the social problems that challenge our community. Most recently we held our Flag raising ceremony in the Town Hall of Kearny, New Jersey, to commemorate the 194th Anniversary of the Independence of Peru.

The Lives We Impact

​ “Miss Peru PCANJ was founded to create Hispanic and Peruvian role models on a local and national level. This event will take place in the month of June once every two years in celebration of the Peruvian Independence day. We know they will be admired by their peers and create pride in the community. Peruvian Civic Association of NJ, Inc. is an organization that understands our cultural and civic background and works to enhance, recognize and honor it.​  This year our Congratulation to the participants of our Annual Miss Peru Pageant. Our winners for the next two years are: 

Miss Peru PCANJ Arianne Ramirez

Miss Peru Teen PCANJ Kimberli Otayza 

Miss Peru Junior PCANJ Andrea Marquez

​​Past & Future Events



Coming to you with the Breakfast that will top all ones!



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​Who we are

P.C.A.N.J.” is a nonprofit

organization incorporated in

New Jersey in 2005. 

Our mission is to promote Peruvian, 

Latin American culture, art, music, literature and gastronomy.

We encourage our community

members to become successful

and productive citizens of The

United States.