About Peruvian Civic Association of New Jersey


Every year since 2005 Peruvian Civic Association of New Jersey organizes the parade that marches along the cities of Kearny and Harrison New Jersey. The parade attracts approximately a lot of people from the tri-state area to celebrate and share the rich cultural and history of the Peruvian and South American. The parade attracts cultural groups and folkloric dancers that display the rich music and folklore of the Andean region of Peru and other parts of South America. It also draws cultural groups that display the rich cultural fusion between South American, European, African and Asian immigrants to Latin America. PCANJ has had the privilege of having cultural groups from Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, and Uruguay.

Family Festival:

PCANJ organizes the Peruvian Independence Day Family Festival in the town of Kearny New Jersey. The Festival is free and attracts people from different parts of New Jersey in the tri-state area. The Festival objective is to promote Peruvian and Latin American cultural awareness through arts, handcrafts, music and gastronomy. 

PCANJ Pageant:

The pageant is professionally produced once every two years by the Pageant Committee and Supporters. This event is recognized by local Community representatives and the Majors of the Township of Kearny and Harrison. The winners of the Pageant becomes an ambassador of the Peruvian heritage and culture and participates in health, immigration, citizenship and other workshops that benefit local community members.

Flag – Raising:

Every year since 2005, PCANJ raises the Peruvian flag in the town of Kearny New Jersey. The flag raising, event commemorates the Peruvian Independence Day and salutes the contributions of the Peruvian immigrants in the state of New Jersey. During the flag raising event, PCANJ encourages our community to become successful citizens in the United States and establishes local networks in business, education and culture.

Other Events:

In the future PCANJ may consider participating in, organizing Citizenship Seminars, Blood Drives, Christmas presents drives to gather gifts for the under privileged children of Peru. We will also donate to other civic and cultural events that promote the arts, music, literature, gastronomy and healthy living for the enrichment and benefit of the Peruvian and Latin American community in the state of New Jersey.

PCANJ has successfully organized these events for the past eleven years and this year we are expecting an even larger number of participants from the Peruvian and Latin American Community. We are confident that these events present and efficient platform to market your products to the growing Hispanic consumer. We welcome the opportunity to discuss Sponsorship Packages.

Please feel free to contact us: info@peruviancivicnj.com

Our Main events are the Annual Peruvian Parade and Independence Day Family Festival

successfully organized for the past eleven years. These events attract a lot of people

from the tri-state area to the cityies of Kearny and Harrison.

​​ History of the Organization

  • Cuando Pienses en Volver4:14
  • Mambo de Machahuay3:24
  • Enamorada de estar aqui.3:59
  • Carnavales de Cajamarca5:44
  • Aplausos para el Peru3:38
  • Carnaval Arequipe?o2:54
  • Poco a Poco2:32
  • Que Linda Flor4:07
  • Quisiera ser picaflor2:51
  • Cholo soy y no me compadezcas3:09
  • Ho lindo Peru2:48
  • Linda Wawita3:25
  • Las Flores de mi Bandera3:13
  • Lejos de ti6:03
  • Y se llama Peru3:11
  • Cuando pienses en volve4:17
  • Contigo Peru3:36
  • Limena3:03