• Cuando Pienses en Volver4:14
  • Mambo de Machahuay3:24
  • Enamorada de estar aqui.3:59
  • Carnavales de Cajamarca5:44
  • Aplausos para el Peru3:38
  • Carnaval Arequipe?o2:54
  • Poco a Poco2:32
  • Que Linda Flor4:07
  • Quisiera ser picaflor2:51
  • Cholo soy y no me compadezcas3:09
  • Ho lindo Peru2:48
  • Linda Wawita3:25
  • Las Flores de mi Bandera3:13
  • Lejos de ti6:03
  • Y se llama Peru3:11
  • Cuando pienses en volve4:17
  • Contigo Peru3:36
  • Limena3:03

You can also contact us:

EMAIL: info@peruviancivicnj.com

EMAIL: www.peruviancivicnj.com

PHONE: 551-655-4174


102 Kearny Ave., Kearny, New Jersey 07032

Come Join Us:

Whether you are Peruvian or from another nationality we will like to extend you and invitation to join us.

On July 19th we will be hosting two events,

      -The Parade, float participants will march along Franklin E. Rodgers and Kearny Ave crossing the towns of Harrison,              

        East Newark and Kearny with traditional dances, native dresses, marching bands and many more .

     -The Festival, live music, the famous “kioskos” where people gather to share typical Peruvian meals and Cusqueña              the premium Peruvian beer.

We feel that your experience and your involvement with sharing the richness and diversity of the Peruvian culture would make you a valuable member of our association.

    Those of us who have been with the Peruvian Civic Association for some time have found these activities to be some of the most rewarding we have ever experienced. We are confident that you, too, will enjoy this affiliation. We hope you will join us in our efforts in improving the qualitiy of life for all of our community