• Cuando Pienses en Volver4:14
  • Mambo de Machahuay3:24
  • Enamorada de estar aqui.3:59
  • Carnavales de Cajamarca5:44
  • Aplausos para el Peru3:38
  • Carnaval Arequipe?o2:54
  • Poco a Poco2:32
  • Que Linda Flor4:07
  • Quisiera ser picaflor2:51
  • Cholo soy y no me compadezcas3:09
  • Ho lindo Peru2:48
  • Linda Wawita3:25
  • Las Flores de mi Bandera3:13
  • Lejos de ti6:03
  • Y se llama Peru3:11
  • Cuando pienses en volve4:17
  • Contigo Peru3:36
  • Limena3:03


The Peruvian Civic Association of New Jersey Inc. is a Non Profit Organization. 

Our main social mission is to assist and serve the Peruvian and Hispanic Community
in general in the State of New Jersey and United States of America.
We provide general civic education to our community; help to maintain the
Peruvian and Hispanic traditions.

To this end, our commitment will guide by the following principles:

To recover, illustrate and support the respect for our symbols and native values.
To achieve the civic presence of Peru in the Peruvian Community and Hispanics in general in

The United States of America.
To provide support to the new members of the community to integrate the American way of life.
Orientate its projects and activities from the concepts of humanity, citizenship and social global support

that must exist between individuals.

Develop a strategy to reach those Peruvian-Americans that seek knowledge, orientation and prosperity

in the USA.

To support the different institutions in the United State of America, to improve the activities that the

institution promotes.
We will constantly strive to achieve excellence, providing the best in ourselves to help the

people in the community.
We also commit to the development and well being of our Associates by adopting these values:
Everyone must be considered an individual.

All the Associates will be treated with respect and dignity.

The Associates have the right to speak and to be listening.

There must be equal opportunity for the Associates to develop and advance in the Association.

The members of the Association must be mindful of ways to help our co-associates to fulfill their goals
while achieving their careers and educational goals.